Green Computing – The CherryPal

Most people spend 80% of their time on the computer reading and sending email and surfing the web. Modern day PC’s are somehwat overkill, with their booming 350-500 power supplies that belch enough heat out to warm a small duplex. Enter the CherryPal – a 2W PC the size of a paper back book. The small form factor is designed to fit anywhere in the house, and to provide enough power to perform basic compting tasks, while minimizing power consumption. The computing core is a Freescale CPU, and the OS is Debian. Because of the small form factor and reduced processor power, the CherryPal is touted to be using a ‘cloud computing’ technique, where some applications will be run on a server over the internet. No clear word on pricing at this time, but it is likely to be low cost – how much function it will retain without an active internet connection is al$os not clear. The unit slated for release on August 4th. See more information at The Register  or Engadget.

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